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Last updated September 2020.

Actual sentence perspective see: Prague school
Appraisal theory
Articulatory phonology
Autosegmental phonology
Blending theory
Categorial grammar
Cognitive grammar see: Cognitive linguistics
Cognitive linguistics
Cognitive Metaphor Theory
Columbia School
Complexity theory
Conceptual blending theory see: Blending theory
Conceptual integration theory
Conceptual metaphor theory
Conceptual semantics
Construction grammar
Construction morphology
Conversation analysis
Critical discourse analysis
Cultural linguistics
CV phonology
CVCV phonology see: Strict CV phonology
Dependency grammar
Dependent case theory
Diachronic construction grammar
Discourse representation theory
Distributed morphology
Distributed syntax
DRT see: Discourse representation theory
Dual route
Dynamic syntax
Element theory
European structuralism see: Prague school
Exemplar theory
Experimental phonetics/phonology
FDG see: Functional discourse grammar
Feature geometry
Fluid construction grammar
Formal semantics
Frame semantics
Functional discourse grammar
Functional generative description
Functional grammar see: Functionalism
Functional sentence perspective see: Prague school
Garden path theory
GB see: Generative grammar
Generative grammar
Generative lexicon
Government and binding see: Generative grammar
Government phonology
Harmonic grammar
Head-driven phrase structure grammar
HPSG see: Head-driven phrase structure grammar
Inherent case theory
Integrational linguistics
Lexical constructional model
Lexical functional grammar
Lexical phonology
Lexical priming
LFG see: Lexical functional grammar
Linguistic determinism see: Linguistic relativity
Linguistic relativity
Matrix language frame model
Meaning-text theory
Mental space theory
Metaphor Identification Procedure Vrije Universiteit
Minimalist program see: Minimalism
MIPVU see: Metaphor Identification Procedure Vrije Universiteit
Model-theoretic semantics
Montague grammar
Multidimensional analysis
Natural grammar
Natural morphology see: Transparency
Natural syntax
Network morphology
Optimality theory
OT see: Optimality theory
Parameter see: Principles and parameters
Phase theory
Phonology as human behavior
Prague school
Principles and parameters
Prototype theory
Radical minimalism
Relational grammar
Relational network theory
Relevance theory
Rhetorical structure theory
Role and reference grammar
RRG see: Role and reference grammar
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis see: Linguistic relativity
Semantic interaction theory
SFG see: Systemic functional grammar
Simpler syntax see: Parallel grammar
Situation semantics
Strict CV phonology
Swadesh see: Lexicostatistics
Systemic functional grammar
Systemic functional linguistics see: Systemic functional grammar
Transformational-generative grammar see: Generative grammar
Universal grammar
Vector semantics
Whole word morphology
Word grammar
X-bar see: Generative grammar